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Hello. It’s nice that you got lost here.

First, the final words: If you are missing on something, talk to me please. You always have the option to leave a message via the contact form. I reply to every e-mail personally.

What can you expect here? On the subject of Dragon City – Everything that makes your life easier as a breeder and ruler.

If you do not have Dragon City, so check out Facebook or the Apple App Store now. Dragon City is free to play for iPhone and iPad, and therefore stands alone from other products from, because it is automatically synchronized. Gone is the time when you need to do on the iPad or iPhone again, what you already have done on Facebook. Upon request, the game works on iOS but also offline.

If your phone does not support Dragon City and you do not want to register on facebook, there is something else to spend your time with. My recommendation: A Mystical Land

Enjoy DragonCity.eu – The dragon strong pleasure for young and old

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