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What can you expect here? On the subject of Dragon City – Everything that makes your life easier as a breeder and ruler.

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If your phone does not support Dragon City and you do not want to register on facebook, there is something else to spend your time with. My recommendation: A Mystical Land

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Free Gems

It isn’t always easy to get eneogh gems for some quests or buildings. In this case, here you find a solution for getting some free gems. How much? Different. If you spend a little time, you can get enough to buy legendary dragons, all islands and winning quests. If you do just a little, you can get much gems, too, but not as much as you could get. It’s an easy way without spending money…



What stats does a habitat really have? How many dragons go in there? And how much gold? These questions are answered here.
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Special habitats are not listed here for a good reason. The Egypt-Habitat, for example, is nothing more than a different design for the Big Electric-Habitat. It looks nice – and that’s all it does. It fit the same number of dragons in the habitat and also the maximum amount of gold is the same.

Habitat Costs Max. Dragons Max. Gold
Terra-Habitat 100 Gold 2 Dragons 500 Gold
Big Terra-Habitat 25000 Gold 4 Drachen 2000 Gold
Flame-Habitat 150 Gold 2 Drachen 7500 Gold
Big Flame-Habitat 50000 Gold 4 Drachen 25000 Gold
Sea-Habitat 500 Gold 1 Drachen 10000 Gold
Big Sea-Habitat 100000 Gold 3 Drachen 50000 Gold
Electric-Habitat 30000 Gold 2 Drachen 3000 Gold
Big Electric-Habitat 250000 Gold 4 Drachen 6000 Gold
Nature-Habitat 15000 Gold 2 Drachen 7500 Gold
Big Nature-Habitat 125000 Gold 4 Drachen 20000 Gold
Ice-Habitat 75000 Gold 1 Drachen 15000 Gold
Big Ice-Habitat 1000000 Gold 3 Drachen 75000 Gold
Metal-Habitat 100000 Gold 2 Drachen 15000 Gold
Big Metal-Habitat 2000000 Gold 4 Drachen 30000 Gold
Darkness-Habitat 500000 Gold 2 Drachen 20000 Gold
Big Darkness-Habitat 3000000 Gold 4 Drachen 80000 Gold
Legendary Habitat 150000 Gold 1 Drachen 750000 Gold
Pure Darkness-Habitat 2000000 Gold 1 Drachen 50000 Gold
Pure Ice-Habitat 2000000 Gold 1 Drachen 50000 Gold
Pure Electric-Habitat 2000000 Gold 1 Drachen 50000 Gold
Pure Flame-Habitat 1500000 Gold 1 Drachen 50000 Gold
Pure Habitat 2500000 Gold 1 Drachen 100000 Gold
Pure Sea-Habitat 2000000 Gold 1 Drachen 50000 Gold
Pure Metal-Habitat 2000000 Gold 1 Drachen 50000 Gold
Pure Nature-Habitat 2000000 Gold 1 Drachen 50000 Gold
Pure Terra-Habitat 1500000 Gold 1 Drachen 50000 Gold

Strenghs and Weaknesses

Every dragon has his own element, his own resistance, immunity
or even weaknesses. Here you have an overview – at dragoncity.eu!